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Product Certificatation

The product has passed the inspection of the National Gas Appliance Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and the product has superior performance.

The products have passed Russian GOST-R certification and obtained corresponding certificates.

In 2006, the products passed the Italian IMQ EU CE certification.

In 2009, the self-developed "high-efficiency condensing heat exchanger" won national invention patents and EU invention patents.

In 2010, the "full premix condensing wall-hung gas boiler" with thermal efficiency up to 108% was identified as "Guangdong Independent Innovation Product" and "High-tech Product", and passed the Italian IMQ certification according to EU CE standards.

Product Features

Combining the advantages of European and Korean products, specially developed for the Chinese market wall-huan boilers,which is suitable for different regions, different climates, and different consumer groups.

Excellent quality, using German advanced technology, European famous professional manufacturers' famous brand accessories, more than 15 years design life, durable, high-end safety.

High efficiency and energy saving, using high-quality large-capacity oxygen-free copper heater and advanced and efficient combustion system, using cutting-edge automatic digital control technology and PWM automatic proportional adjustment to ensure machine’s efficient operation.

Safe and reliable, multiple safety protection measures to ensure the safe and easy use of the machine.

Environmental protection and silence, efficient combustion and environmental protection technology, three-layer sealed combustion system, low CO and NOx emissions, only a few tenths of national standards, low operating noise, comfortable and quiet.

Prevent scale, use dual design of hardware and software to reduce scale.

Compact design and structure, exquisite appearance, small size to save space.

Human nature, constant temperature at any time, easy to operate, full of people-oriented corporate purpose.

Easy to maintain fault automatic diagnosis and intuitive and accurate display, real man-machine dialogue, fast and convenient.

Technical Advantages

ROC gas wall-hung boiler is developed and produced by GD ROC COOL AND HEAT EQP LTD., with excellent product quality, complete functions and reliable performance. As a leader in the domestic wall-hung boiler industry, the products have the following main performance characteristics:

1.Double frequency conversion technology

Double frequency conversion technology refers to the machine configuration using frequency conversion fan, frequency conversion water pump.

1.Frequency conversion fan: It can make the ratio of air to gas  match better, so as to improve the thermal efficiency of the machine and achieve the effect of gas saving.

2.Frequency conversion water pump: When the same lift specifications as ordinary water pump, the electric power of the frequency conversion water pump is much lower than that of ordinary water pump.And the power of the frequency conversion water pumps can be controlled under different working conditions of the machine,so the frequency conversion water pump saves electricity more than ordinary water pump.

2.Full premix condensation   

1.Efficient and energy-saving: ROC condensing gas boiler reduces the exhaust temperature to 50 ℃ from 180℃  of traditional boilers, fully recovers the sensible heat in the flue gas and the latent heat of condensation of water vapor, and the thermal efficiency can reach 108%. The comprehensive energy saving index reaches 20% -30%.

2.Green and environmental protection: Full premix combustion belongs to complete combustion, with more complete combustion, and the content of CO and NOx in the combustion products is reduced. The monooxygen carbon can be controlled below 60ppm, and the nitrogen oxides can be controlled below 40PPm. Among them, carbon monoxide is only one tenth of the national standard, and nitrogen oxides meet the European standard level 5 (less than 50PPm) emission requirements, which truly meets environmental protection.                                                

3.Absorption type

The absorption type is a flue gas absorption heat exchanger added to the frequency conversion boiler, which can use the heat in the flue gas, so the absorption type boiler will save more gas than the frequency conversion boiler.

4.Heat exchange mode

The composite double-pipe separate circuit heat exchanger is used to increase the width of the pipeline channel for sanitary hot water. Compared with the plate heat exchange method, the gap between the plate and the plate of the plate heat exchanger is too small (about 1mm wide), and it is easy for the scale and the tiny sediment in the tap water to be blocked (usually after one year in the northwest China region) The plate heat exchanger is blocked), and the large-channel double-tube heat exchanger used in this product can reduce the scale generation and flush away the tiny sediment in time by the rapid flow design, so that the boiler has a long service life. This heat exchange method is particularly prominent in hard water areas such as Beijing and Northwest China.

5.Prevent scale

ROC products extend the time of scale formation through dual design of hardware and software.

1.Hardware design: This machine adopts advanced whitewater technology and heat exchanger produced by oxygen-free copper material, which makes the water generate microwave vibration in the flow. The formed whitewater can quickly wash away the scale in the heat exchanger and achieve the goal of slow scale formation.

2.Software design: ROC products control the combustion system through the advanced PID control technology, intelligently control the temperature of sanitary hot water to reach the water temperature required by users (generally 35 °C ~ 50°C), and accurate to ± 1 °C. So as to avoid the temperature being too high and speed up the generation of scale (generally, water temperature over 60 ° C will speed up the separation of calcium ions and accelerate the formation of scale).   


6.Environmental protection and mute

1.Low exhaust emission: Fully automatic adjustment and efficient combustion and environmental protection technology, the exhaust emission is far less than European standards and Chinese standards. The company's products have passed the type inspection of China Gas Testing Center and have been put on record.

2.Low noise: The use of advanced combustion and sealing systems and high-quality fans and pumps makes the noise of the whole boiler much smaller than similar products in Europe and China. (Comparison of our company's products with European famous brand products sent to China Gas Testing Center for inspection).

7.Product comparison

Compared with similar domestic products: Advanced technology: Advanced domestic boiler technology from Europe; Excellent quality: famous brands of accessories; Energy saving: Thermal efficiency up to 90% or more, and the thermal efficiency of full premix condensing boilers can reach 108%, especially saving fuel Safety: High-tech closed combustion chamber, 18 kinds of safety automatic protection; Easy operation: microcomputer intelligent control.